Medicine & Preventative Health Care


Our team at the Croydon Pet Hospital is dedicated to providing our clients and patients with the best in veterinary care.  Our hospital was purpose built to give our patients a clean and spacious environment and we are proud to service the local and surrounding communities.

Our team can assist you with:

Routine Health Checks

Whether you have acquired a new puppy or kitten, adopted a new pet or just want to check the health of your pet we are here to help.  Our team will examine your pet and assist you with preventative health care, training and nutritional help to ensure your furry family member has the healthiest life possible.


Consultations are a valuable time to assess your pet during times of illness.  During the consultation we will examine your pet and discuss with you an investigative and/or treatment plan for your pet.  


We routinely vaccinate all our patients with the C5 vaccine for dogs and F3 vaccine for cats.  This is given as a course of 3 injections for puppies and kittens and as an annual injection for older animals.  All pets receive a health check during their vaccination.

Vaccinations play an important role in your pets health as we have seen many potentially fatal diseases drastically reduced because of them.  

There are injectable vaccines for Heartworm in dogs and the FIV virus in cats so if you are interested in either of these please speak to one of our team at the time of making your appointment or consultation.


Microchips are the only form of permanently identifying your pet.  We use the latest iso-chip to implant under your pet’s skin and our chips come with a lifetime registration with a national database.  It is very important for you to keep these details up to date with the database as so many pets are returned home to their owners via their microchip.

Behavioural Issues

Our vets are happy to consult with you in regards to behavioural issues that your pet may be experiencing.  Pets display stress and anxiety in many different ways and we will help you with training recommendations and medications if required.

These issues can be quite involved and can take some time so a long consultation may be required (extra charge may apply).

Weight & Senior Clinic

Our nurses are always here to help!  

If you are concerned about or would like help with your pet’s weight our nurses can assist you to tailor a nutritional and exercise program so you and your pet can get the best result.

As much as we don’t like to admit it we all get older and so do our pets.  Our nurses can provide you information on helping your pet as they get older and with nutritional supplements that can be used to slow down issues associated with aging.