Surgery & Dentistry


Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery:

All our veterinarians perform surgery and we offer a range of procedures from routine desexings, lump removals to exploratory surgery and everything in between.

Our surgeons are also experienced in cruciate ligament injuries and their repair and patella surgery.  These conditions need to be assessed prior to booking surgery so please contact the clinic to arrange an appointment if this is an issue for your pet. 

Our patients are operated on in a separate area to ensure the most sterile environment possible and each pet is monitored throughout their surgery by a dedicated nurse and surgeon.  Our patients then are monitored by our nursing staff until they are able to move around and eat before being discharged.

Each patient undergoing surgery is provided with pain relief.

On the morning of your pet’s surgery they will be checked over by the surgeon to ensure they are well enough to undergo the procedure and to address any other concerns you may have.  It is important that your pet is fasted before their procedure and to have allowed them out to the toilet.  Our nurses will provide you with a check list for the night before surgery at the time of your booking.




Does your pet’s breath almost knock you out?  Dental disease is present in over 75% of our pets over the age of 3 and is the number 1 cause of bad breath.  Dental disease has 4 stages and most pets will require attention to their teeth at some point in their lives.

Our surgeons routinely perform dental procedures for patients requiring everything from a basic scale and polish to multiple extractions and severe periodontal disease.

Patients have to be under a general anaesthetic to have any dental procedures performed and will be assessed by the surgeon prior to being admitted.  It can be very difficult to assess the full extent of disease to the teeth until we have your pet under anaesthetic but we only remove teeth that are unhealthy or causing issues for your pet.